Athletic scholarships

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VTSPORTS Athletic scholarships

 VTSPORTS Athletic Scholarships allow you enter the American education system. It allows students to combine their field of study with the highest level in sports. With more than 150,000 scholarships available in 27 different sports, Verdasco Taracido Sports Management helps the student athlete navigate the transition to an American University and walk them through the process of earning a sport scholarship, which sometimes could reach up to 66,000 dollars per year.

Why United States?

The American system is interested in attracting athletic and academic talent from all around the world. The University’s reputation with professional teams and other networking systems make the transition from amateur athletics to professional athletics much easier. Many times, after finishing their field of study, a lot of athletes decide to make the jump to the professional level.

American Universities value sports. They value to the sports and put all the available means to take out the maximum performance both athletically and academically: trainers, medical teams, fans, transmission in TV and years of history and experience.

What do scholarships cover?

It can cover the total costs of living, food, and tuition, or they can be partial scholarships. And there are many amazing resources available to the athlete; personal coach, psychologist, physiotherapist, nutritionist, and so one. These scholarships can be complete or partial.

What factors do influence the scholarships?

There are three essential factors:

  • Athletic Level.
  • Academic level.
  • English level.

These factors will determine the scholarships one is eligible for.

What exams are necessary to do?

The TOEFL, the SAT II or I are the most common exams to access the university in the United States. In VT we can help you to prepare these exams. The examinations of English can open up opportunities to obtain an academic scholarship.

Profile of the sporty

All the Universities have their own requirements and many times, they differ depending on the university, but there are some common requirements for all. Some of the most important are:

  • Age: Between 17 and 21 years.
  • Have finished the Bachelor/High School, PF or be in course of any of these programs. At the same time, you can be at university studies and transfer you to United States.
  • Pass English exams.
  • Good athletic level with accreditation.
  • Have never signed a professional agreement either to have agent or a professional manager.

Process VT Sports

When begin the process?

It is highly recommended that you start the process between 12 to 24 months prior to when you plan to attend University. There are many preliminary steps to make leading up to admission, and thus it is recommended to start as early as possible.


How begin the process?

In VT Sports, we consider it very important to know each other well, both the athlete and their family, so that we can understand your expectations and help you fulfil them. Our process includes the following steps:

  1. Personal meeting.
  2. Profile and proposal evaluation.
  3. Preparation of athletic profile:
  4. Advice and preparation access exams.
  5. Search Universities and choose the best offer.
  6. Admission process and Visa.
  7. Welcome to USA.