redes sociales becas universidades americanas

Just like all the other elite schools pertaining to the Ivy League, Harvard University does not offer athletic scholarships to its students. Being granted admission at the prestigious institution located in Massachussetts is already a significant accomplishment.

According to Startclass, only 5.6% of applications were successful last year. Given the low odds, the feeling upon receiving an admission letter from arguably the world’s most prestigious university must be indescribable.

Notwithstanding, being admitted doesn’t necessarily entail a student will end up at Harvard’s campus the following semester. Today, we are going to look into a case of 10 kids whose admissions were revoked due to reckless social media behavior.

As this Forbes article lays out, Harvard banned these incoming freshman once the selection committee found out about their inappropriate demeanor on a Facebook chat.

The private chat, labelled ‘Harvard Memes For Horny Bourgeois Teens’, contained offensive posts featuring “The Holocaust, child abuse, sexual assault, as well as comments that denigrated minority groups.”

In Spain, improper use of social media has also been a hot topic lately. On the back of Dani Ceballos’ strong performance at the Euro U21, people have been unearthing careless tweets by the current Real Betis midfielder from a few years ago. Ceballos’ controversial thoughts while underage were saved forever via screenshot before the soccer star could get rid of them.

Given that Harvard seeks to complete the education of already exemplary citizens, the folks in charge of admissions believed there is no room on campus for the aforementioned behavior.

Social media facilitate our ability to monitor the experiences of all the VT Sports athletes across the pond. However, we want to advise them not to publish anything that could potentially come back to bite them.

As we already explained in our meal money post, athletes are seen as official ambassadors of their colleges. Without exception, their words and actions will be scrutinized both on the street and online.

Of course, not all universities can afford to allocate financial resources toward a thorough social media screening, but stuff like calling the hypothetical hanging of a Mexican child ‘Piñata Time’ is nothing but despicable at Harvard, Chico State or literally anywhere on Earth.

Text: Pablo Mosquera