The importance of Youtube for VT Sports Management

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world. In 2007, Google purchased the video-sharing giant for around 1.3 billion euros. Paying such a hefty sum may have seemed ill-advised at the time, but it has paid off for Google, who correctly anticipated how important video would become in our lives.

Nowadays, it’s all but impossible to track Youtube daily traffic stats. Millions of new videos are being uploaded every day, amassing billions of views…

In 2014, VT Sports Management decided to bet big on Youtube. They hired me hoping that my professional expertise creating multimedia content would boost their channel. My first task was to put together a recruiting video for Pedro Ecenarro, currently starring at the top of the Georgia College tennis lineup. In fact, it was Pedro who once told me that “coaches may spend a full afternoon watching recruiting videos on Youtube. On any given day, they may watch up to 20.”

How to set yourself apart from the competition? How do you get coaches to watch the players on your channel? Youtube will help as long as you NEVER abandon the site. You must put in consistent work, in the form of recommended content, tags and other tools to draw attention.


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Working with VT Sports has taught me how important video is for American colleges. The official channel of a university or even a specific team…everything revolves around the “show business” the United States are famous for. Pedro’s squad, the GC Bobcats, has its own sports show. If you go to their Youtube channel, you can find recaps, highlights, post-match interviews, even events that are being streamed live…Would anybody imagine that ever happening in Spain? Georgia College is just an example, I would dare to affirm there is not a single university in the US lacking a Youtube presence.

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Three years after launching VT Sports’ channel, its 60 videos have accrued over 122K views. Furthermore, there are over 200 subscribed accounts who regularly receive our updates. Ours are the most recommended recruiting videos in the business. The site feeds off a wide variety of other sports channels, thus generating consistent traffic.

The importance placed on its video content is one of VT Sports’ hallmarks. It is one pivotal step in the company’s overarching goal: to help talented kids achieve their dream of obtaining athletic scholarships in the United States of America.

Text by Pablo Cacheda de Paz