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Live an unforgettable experience in the USA


Summer Camp VTSPORTS

Summer Camp VTSPORTS combines learning English with sports, wiyh the goal of bringing American University life closer to a reality.

During this experience, our athletes receive preparation to successfully complete the entrance tests to the North American Universities and at the same time they surround themselves with other athletes from around the world while training and competing at the highest level.

We focus the preparation of the English in the SAT and TOEFL exams with native tutors and experts in this matter. Joining hours of class with training and learning in daily activities such as visits to universities, we accomplish the preparation and absorption of the language in a natural and efficient way.

We can offer accommodations with American families with children, seeking to know and share American culture from within.

Without a doubt, our athletes will enjoy an incredible experience in Tampa Bay, Florida with a wide range of activities in Amusement parks, beaches, Laser Tag, bowling, cinema, tournaments and excursions.


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Summer Camp Florida

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