The American High School (9th, 10th, 11th y 12th grade) compose the last 4 years of Secondary Education. This means it is a very important period for the student’s education. Studying in the U.S. for one of these years can have a very positive effect on education. There are many different High School programs throughout the U.S, with scholarships ranging from $18,000 up to $50,000. This amount includes; tuition, room and board, taxes, books and sport expenses. High School programs do not offer scholarships, meaning that the family of the student or sponsors should afford the total costs. With VT Sports, we assist you through every step of the process, from High School selection taking into account your academic and Athletic profile all the way through the student VISA management. This is a very useful program that allow students to have a real life experience, learning the American culture from a cultural perspective while studying and practicing sports.


Public: Considered a cultural exchange, the Public High School experience is supervised by the American Government.

These public programs have a limited number of spots and we recommend starting the process 6-9 months before starting the course.

It is important to highlight that these studies are 100% validated, therefore we will assist you with the whole process.

Private: The main difference between private schools and public school program resides with the admission process, because in private High Schools the number of spots available increases.

This program permits a more accurate and holistic placement by taking into account different facts such as: location, religious orientation, sports, college’s connections and so on.

Like in the Public programs, these studies are validated and we will assist you with the whole process.

A large factor of these programs is the “family housing” experience. This allows the student to have a complete language and cultural immersion. Experiencing very special moments such as Halloween, Thanksgiving, Superbowl…



As a step to obtain a college scholarship, in VT Sports we organize private visits to American universities. This experience can be very useful in the selection process for the student-athlete because it helps to know from a firsthand perspective the college life. This 1 to 2 weeks program organizes the visits to the different universities. During this period we connect colleges, coaches, teammates, admissions and campus staff with our students in order to obtain the required information for the admission process; academic standards, admission tests, Athletic level, economic Aid… Having this information is very useful for the student to make the best choice possible. VT Sports organizes everything from VISA up until flight tickets, Visits schedule, Coach Meetings, admission meetings and Campus Visits. It is fully customizable program.