Halloween at American Universities


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Halloween is definitely one of the greatest times of the year to be on a college campus. Although it has become an international holiday with people celebrating all over the world, nobody celebrates Halloween like the United States and the best parties and festivities are found on University campuses.

Every school hosts countless parties in fraternity/sorority houses, in the dorms or even in the cafeterias. At the University of Wisconsin, a school famous for having a good time, over 20,000 costumed students shut down an entire city street to celebrate.

Many schools go beyond your typical party and hold Halloween inspired events. For 100 years the University of Rochester has turned it´s library into a haunted house featuring animals from the local zoo and a scavenger hunt.

Image: http://www.rochester.edu/largepics/halloween2011/

Estudiantes de la Students at the University of Georgetown, the filming location of The Exorcist, have traditions inspired by the film, including howling at the moon in a cemetery.

At Penn State you can find a huge pumpkin carving contest and at MIT you can throw pumpkins 295-feet off of a school tower.

The sports world also joins in on the festivities. College football fans never need an excuse to go crazy in the stands, where it´s common to see shirtless painted bodies in freezing conditions, but at Halloween games you´ll find thousands of people cheering on their teams while dressed as witches, cowboys, Zombies, etc.

Image: https://www.si.com/extra-mustard/2015/11/03/college-football-superfans-photos-halloween-tcu-virginia-tech

The Arizona State University baseball team started a charity baseball game where they play 4 innings while dressed in costume.

Watching someone dressed as Chewbacca hit a home run is not something you see every day!

The Halloween inspired event has spread all over the country with many schools hosting their own version of the game. Whichever campus you find yourself on October 31st you are sure to have a Halloween that you will never forget

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