VTSPORTS Academic Scholarships offer one of the benefits of the North American educational system, the academic scholarships that exist in the majority of American universities. They are given to those students with a high academic profile which include good grades and a high standardized test score (SAT & TOEFL). If a student receives an athletic scholarship and would like to apply for academic scholarships, they must score well on the SAT I and the TOEFL. Both of these exams are necessary proofs for access to the university system. The TOP academic Universities, may even ask for some additional exams like the SAT II or SAT subject tests.


To be eligible for the academic scholarships, the universities take into account the following factors:

  • Good academic level (High School) or equivalent.
  • SAT: Score above 1.100 points, adding the sections of Critical Reading & Writing and Language and Math (Maximum score possible is 1.600).
  • TOEFL: Score above 80 points.
    The combination of these factors will determine the academic scholarship to which the student may be awarded. The scholarship amount can vary from a minimum of $1,000 annual to $50,000 in the more expensive universities.


In addition to the VTSPORTS Academic Scholarships, a lot of universities offer special scholarships for international students. These scholarships, allocated to attract talent, are not exclusive scholarships and therefore they can be combined with an academic scholarship and/or an athletic scholarship. Total scholarships can be awarded in amounts higher than $20,000 annual.

Usually the management and distribution of the scholarships is handled by the admission department. In order to be eligible for these scholarships the applicant must meet the minimum requirements of the University for SAT and TOEFL scores.